Our highly trained Advanced Practice Nurse, Registered Nurse and licensed aesthetician offers complimentary consultations. She will analyze your skin, discuss your concerns and provide you with personalized recommendations for skin care and treatment plans to help you get the best skin of your life!

What to expect?

The increasing buzz around MedSpa treatments have become a popular topic in the last few years. Clients everywhere have been enjoying beauty enhancement procedures for decades, but with the increase in selfie-culture, social media, and now the pandemic, they are more popular than ever.
Medical Aesthetics treatments are a great way to improve your appearance and self-confidence by targeting various skin and conditions. Consultations help to deliver a customized approach to help address each client’s specific unique needs. Here at ReWind our RN, APRN, or Licensed Aesthetician are highly trained and experienced in multiple types of aesthetic non-surgical treatments to help you see great improvements in your skin.
You may be looking for long-term solution to help with your skin or just hoping for a more refreshed, relaxed appearance before your big day. We would love to sit down with new or existing clients for our ReWind the Clock Consultation. ReWind the Clock Consultation: This is a detailed Skincare and health Consultation. This time allows the provider to review all your Skin and Health Concerns. The Provider will then come up with a detailed and customized treatment plan to assist you in reaching your Skincare/Restorative Health Goals! We also offer two other Consultation options. Our ReWind Express Consultation used for brief consults regarding Neurotoxins, Filler, Body Contouring, ect. This brief time is spent discussing treatment details, as well as Pre/Post Treatment instructions. Lastly is our Skin Care Consultation. Some products help to target common issues, like redness, dry skin, signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, ect. A Skin Care Consultation will allow the provider to discuss your current regimen, skin concerns and lifestyle to provide you with a Skin Care Regimen that fits both your needs and busy lifestyle.

What should you know before you consultation?

A MedSpa is often compared to a day spa or salon, as there are many familiar aspects of the experience. Here at ReWind we focus on aesthetic and health rejuvenation and restoration.
Our treatments incorporate medical-grad skincare products, which are stronger than those available at drug stores or beauty retailers. We use ZO Skin Health, a powerful dermatological grade Skin Care line for an at-home regiment or in conjunction with your in-office procedure. During your consultation, you will get an in-depth analysis of your target areas and a personalized recommendation of how to treat, maintain, and improve the quality of your skin.

What to expect during your appointment?

It is important to find a MedSpa you feel comfortable going to. No all MedSpa’s are the same. Finding a trustworthy, reliable, and medically trained and certified aesthetic nurse, injector, or aesthetician is vital before undergoing any type of cosmetic treatment. This will ensure you are getting the best care and access to FDA-approved products and expert care.
ReWind Medical Solutions is located in a very convenient location in the Westhaven Community off Hwy 96 in Franklin, TN. Client, depending on the type of consultation you choose, can plan on 30 minutes to 1 hours for their consultation, which is always offered free of charge. A one-on-one conversation between the client and provider will help to target and discuss skin concerns or ailments that may be bothersome. Treatments for acne scars, skin laxity, wrinkles, fine lines, loss of volume, weight gain, and much more. We want you to be comfortable to discuss any skincare concerns you have.
During your consultation, your provider will likely discuss a trifecta approach. Injectables, in-office skincare treatments, and Medical Grade Skin Care together will help you to rejuvenate your skin and help achieve the desired results. Long-term results are dependent upon maintaining your results over time and returning as recommended for upkeep. Your provider will discuss these things with you, as well.
As a provider, we are obligated to carefully explain every service and product we recommend helping clients to navigate various options. Costs of our procedure, length of appointment, what to expect, and pre/post instructions regarding recovery or downtime will be discussed.
We understand that every client may have a slightly different aesthetic desire, budget, and skincare concern; therefore, customized recommendations and pricing are discussed at the end of every consultation to help you decide.

Scheduling your consultation at ReWind Medical Solutions

Are you ready to jump in and take the plunge? We are ready to help you! In addition to helping your skin look and feel healthier and younger, we want to take care of your all your body health and restorative goals. From our ReWind Weight Management program, Body Contouring, Balance & Harmony, Sexual Health, & IV Nutrition, we got you covered. Offering a customizable range of aesthetic spa services will help to target all of your skin, body, and beauty concerns. Here at ReWind, we understand reaching your health and restorative health goals, goes beyond a good cleanser and cream!

Talking to an expert can help you set up a long-term skincare and customized treatment plan to fit your schedule, budget, and aesthetic needs, Schedule a consultation with ReWind Medical Solutions today!